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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Thank you for the overwhelming response to the only blog devoted to ending criminal corruption in New Jersey. The support has been terrific. By assisting our work, you become part of a network of lawyers, activists and other professionals around the state working to clean up our democracy. Here is what you get for helping out:

1. You get the latest news on New Jersey corruption.
2. You get quality lawyers filing ethics complaints, district court actions, prosecutorial referals and other lawsuits all in an effort to eliminate graft in New Jersey.
3. You get to support whistleblowers whose information has sent dozens of New Jersey lobbyists and politicians to jail.

Don't forget to take our challenge and read the posting on Commerce Bank. If you reply, you are eligible for a copy of Shakedown: The Fleecing of the Garden State, the classic book on New Jersey corruption.