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The New York Times call Carl Mayer: "A populist crusader and ... a maverick lawyer." New York Times, October 15, 2004.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


News Advisory:

Contact: Bruce Afran (609-924-2075 Carl Mayer (609-462-7979)

Mayer and Afran to Disclose Forrester’s Washington Insurance Front

Heartland Fidelity Evading New Jersey Elections Law, Lawyers say

Forrester using D.C. shell to hide Heartland Fidelity’s New Jersey business

NJ Attorney General asked to open inquiry

Princeton (August 9). In a press conference today at 3 P.M. at the ____________ lawyers Carl Mayer and Bruce Afran will disclose that Republican candidate Doug Forrester’s campaign cash source, a Washington, D.C. insurance company, is a shell corporation with no employees in Washington.

Afran and Mayer have learned that Heartland Fidelity conducts all of its business through Forrester’s Benecard corporation in New Jersey and has been using an answering service as its Washington, D.C. “office”.

Heartland Fidelity has no employees in the District of Columbia and all of its insurance business is conducted at Benecard’s New Jersey headquarters, the lawers will announce.

New Jersey law prohibits insurance companies doing business in New Jersey from making contributions to political campaigns.

“Based on the facts we have learned, Heartland should be prohibited from contributing any funds to the Forrester campaign”, Afran said. “By any reasonable standard of law, Heartland Fidelity is “doing business” in New Jersey”.

Mayer and Afran, who last year sued to force an election for former democratic Governor Jim McGreevey’s successor, have been among outspoken opponents of New Jersey’s perpetual and growing political corruption.

Mayer, who this week sought a federal investigation against democratic powerbroker George Norcross, said the lawyers believe in attacking entrenched corruption in both parties. “Republicans and democrats alike have shown a total disregard for our state’s laws and any ethical principles”, Mayer said.

Time and Date: 1 P.M., Doral Forrestal Hotel, Route 1 North, Princeton,
Wednesday, September 14, 2004

Photo and Broadcast Opportunity


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